Let the A-Rod Grillin Begin

I’ll first preface this post by stating that this is the LAST A-Rod, steroid post for at least this month (unless of course there is some big time news).

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s dig into the grillin that we hope to see of A-Rod when he makes himself available to the media later today. The New York Times is getting the party started with an article entitled, “What Would You Ask A-Rod?”. In the article, The Times outlines a series of questions that they would like answered and even asks readers for any questions that they may want answers. Sounds fair enough so we’ll join in on the fun. First we’ll examine few of The Times’ questions, then we’ll offer a few of our own.

What did he take? I don’t believe Rodriguez when he says he doesn’t know what banned substance he took. He is meticulous in his preparation, workout routine and diet, so it’s hard to imagine he simply took something without knowing what it was and what it did.

An obvious, but rather important question. Without even knowing how meticulous he is, there’s no way he never asked what he was taking.

What did the steroids do for him? Presumably he wouldn’t have taken them for three years if they had no benefit.

Something I never really thought about but it makes perfect sense.

Did he inject the drugs or take them in another form?

If it was injections, he knew what he was doing and taking.

Where did he get the drugs?

This one will open up a huge can of worms.

When he told Gammons it was “pretty accurate” that he used from 2001 to 2003, what did that mean? Did he use when he played for the Mariners or the Yankees?

The “pretty accurate” response leaves the door open for a lot of assuming.

Mark McGwire promised to educate kids about the dangers of steroid use but never followed up on it. Rodriguez has made the same pledge. What kind of specific plans are there for this?

Solid question and I hope someone really corners him on this one.

If Gene Orza told Rodriguez in 2004 that he “might or might not have tested positive,” why didn’t he make any effort to find out the truth?

This really speaks to where his mind was in all this. He probably felt like he would never get caught, so why go through the effort.

Here’s a few that we would like to add:

Who else does he know did steroids?

Baseball really needs to get this all out in the open so it can finally be over.

Did Bud Selig know he failed the test?

The way Bud is huffing and puffing these days, we really need to know exactly what Bud knew/knows.

Who first told him about the report and what was his initial reaction?

I really wish we had access to those first 10 minutes.

Once the Feds seized these tests, did anyone tell him or give him any indication that they were no longer confidential?

It seemed that he was blindsided by all of this. If he was, the MLBPA was caught with their pants down.

We’ll be monitoring closely to see what he actually does give us and if anyone with a chance to ask some questions is reading this, throw in a couple from us.

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