Knick Fans May Witness The Worst Week Ever At MSG

That 61 that you saw Kobe drop on your beloved Knicks on Monday is just the beginning, Knicks fans. Just the beginning, you ask? Yes, just the beginning because tonight, King James is set to try his hand against your Knicks in Madison Square Garden. While I’m not expecting Lebron to score more than 61, I’m thinking that a quadruple double is in order. Am I expecting too much? Maybe, but keep in mind, this is the Knicks we’re talking about.

After you’re done taking in LBJ’s quadruple double, take time on Thursday to clear your mind, however you may and come back to MSG on Friday to welcome in the Boston Celtics. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about a single player going crazy on your Knicks (well, hopefully you won’t), but you may see your Knicks getting beat. And beat by a lot. I’m thinking 30 maybe? Wait, this is the Knicks, better make that 40.

So make sure you’re in the building, Knicks fans because you definitely don’t want to miss what may go down as the worst week ever in MSG. And you also don’t you want to miss classic Spike Lee reactions like this:

Via NESW Sports

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