A Few Names That Could Be Among The Remaining 103 – AL Edition

Yesterday we took a look at some players that may be among the 103 remaining players that took steroids in 2003 from the NL. Today, we’re taking a look at the players from the AL who could be on the infamous list.

New York Yankees
Jorge Posada – The 2000s were definitely good to him.
Jason Giambi – Check!
Andy Pettitte – Check!
Roger Clemens – Check!

Boston Red Sox
Nomar Garciaparra – Just a feeling I have and he can’t stay healthy anymore.
Trot Nixon – After 2003, his career took a nose dive.

Toronto Blue Jays
Vernon Wells – Best year, stat-wise was 2003.

Minnesota Twins
Kenny Rogers – Revitalized his career between the ages of 38-40 in 2003-2005.

Chicago White Sox
Frank Thomas – Check!
Jose Valentin – Numbers vastly improved between 2000-2004.

Detroit Tigers
Dmitri Young – Best year stat-wise was in 2003.

Oakland A’s
Miguel Tejada – Check!
Eric Chavez – Best stats were put up between 2001-2003.
Erubiel Durazo – Best stats of his career were in 2003 and 2004.

Seattle Mariners
Bret Boone – Put up huge numbers in 2001-2003.
Edgar Martinez – At 40, he belted 24 HRs and 98 RBIs in 2003.

Anaheim Angels
Garret Anderson – Check!

Texas Rangers
Hank Blalock – His increased numbers and the clubhouse influence makes you wonder.
Alex Rodriguez – Check!
Juan Gonzalez – Check!
Rafael Palmeiro – Check!

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