A Few Names That Could Be Among The Remaining 103 – NL Edition

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past couple of days, I’m sure you’ve heard that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003. We’ve also learned that A-Rod was only one out of 104 other players who also tested positive that year. Since there’s no such thing as confidentiality these days, I’m almost positive that at least some, if not all the names of the remaining players will be leaked one way or another. So, it’s only right for us to go ahead and take our stab at the remaining names so we have our guesses out there just in case we get some right. I would be remiss if I didn’t note that we didn’t do any fancy investigation or anything of that nature. Just the good ole fan’s eye and perusing the stats for that year. Because we all know that the stats don’t lie.

Atlanta Braves
Javy Lopez – 43 HRs in 2003, easiest the most in his career.
Andruw Jones – The numbers don’t show it, but his recent struggles may tell the story.
Gary Sheffield – The rumblings are already out there.

Florida Marlins
Mike Lowell – 2003 was his best season stat-wise, by far.

Philadelphia Phillies
Jim Thome – Not sure about this one, but the numbers are ridiculous.
Rheal Cormier – At age 36, he went 8-0 in 2003.

New York Mets
Mike Piazza – The rumblings are already out there.
Mo Vaughn – Check!

Chicago Cubs
Sammy Sosa – Check!
Mark Prior – Best year was in 2003 and since then, he can’t stay healthy.

Houston Astros
Jeff Bagwell – Just have that feeling.

St. Louis Cardinals
Albert Pujols – Just have that feeling.
Jim Edmonds – At 33, he hit 39 HR’s. Second only to Pujols.
Scott Rolen – Best two year stretch was 03-04.
Woody Williams – Won most games of his career in 2003.

Pittsburgh Pirates
Reggie Sanders – At 35, he hit 31 HR’s. Tops on the Pirates.

Cincinnati Reds
Adam Dunn – 2003 marked the year when his HRs jumped considerably.
Ken Griffey Jr – I don’t want to believe this one, but the evidence is there.

Milwaukee Brewers
Richie Sexson – Exploded for 45 HRs in 2003

San Francisco Giants
Barry Bonds – Check!
Andres Galarraga – At age 43, Galarraga was still belting on HRs in 2003

Arizona Diamondbacks
Luis Gonzalez – Some of his best years was during the early 2000s.
Steve Finley – Two solid season in 2003 and 2004 at ages 38 and 39.

Colorado Rockies
Preston Wilson – Best season stat-wise was in 2003.
Jay Payton – Hit 10 more HRs in 2003 than in any other year.

Of course, there will be names that will come out of nowhere, but these are the names that jump out at us on the NL side. Check back tomorrow for the AL names.

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