Favre retires again?

After a brief stint with the New York Jets, Brett Favre decides to hang up the cleats for good, again. Perhaps a year too late, Favre will enter retirement as one of the greatest QB’s the NFL has ever seen. For most of his career he was the quintessential quarterback; he never missed a game(291 including playoffs), and he has the most yards, attempts and touchdowns in NFL history.

The 39-year old played 18 long seasons, the bulk of which came with the Green Bay Packers, but this past season with the Jets showed how much wear and tear his body had taken over the years. He age began to show and Favre actually looked as if he could not physically play the game anymore. After leading the Jets to a 8-3 start, the team finished 1-4 down the stretch and missed the playoffs. Favre finished the season with 22 TD’s and 22 interceptions.

How will Favre be remembered? As the gun slinging country boy from Mississippi or as one of the many stars that played 1 too many seasons. Only time will tell, I’m sure the debate has already begun. But certainly, he is a first ballot Hall of Famer and with a doubt the toughest QB to ever play the game.

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