Excuse Me Sir. Can You Sign This Petition So Our Basketball Players Can Get Choked, I Mean Coached?

The life of a college student is filled with attending classes, studying, partying, and sleeping. In the time between those activities, there’s a lot of idle time. So much idle time that many get a part-time job, volunteer, or create a petition to get Bob Knight an interview for their school’s vacant head basketball coaching job. Jess Tullos, a senior from Athens majoring in speech communication at the University of Georgia, is doing the latter with his idle time.

I just feel like they should interview him at least, Tullos said. Here’s a guy that’s not even coaching right now who has won 902 games and a couple of national championships and he apparently wants the job. I think it’s ridiculous that we can’t produce a powerhouse basketball program with Atlanta an hour away. Just his name alone will put us on the national scene.

That sounds good in theory, Jess but basketball powerhouses aren’t built over night. It’s pretty obvious that UGA isn’t interested in anything but football so it really doesn’t matter who’s brought in to coach. And furthermore, have you consulted the players about how they feel about bringing Knight in?

I tried to get some players to sign it, too, but they were hesitant and that’s understandable.

Very understandable. I too, would be hesitant to sign anything that could get the life choked out of me. I say, just be happy with your football program, Jess. That’s the easiest and safest thing to do.

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