Cell Block ‘D’?

Dallas has become a destination of sorts for the most controversial NFL players in the league. Several players in the team’s history have had quarrels with the law. If reported rumors are true, Ray Lewis, who beat a murder charge in 2000, may be the latest criminal/football player to join America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys.

According to Cowboys LB DeMarcus Ware, Ray Lewis approached Ware during a game while pointing to the Cowboy star stated ” I want to wear that star on my helmet…. thats my dream.” Lewis will be a free agent on Friday if the Ravens can’t convince him the agree to a deal, so Ray Ray may be able to make his dream come true.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has a soft spot for troubled players and has been known for being lax in the discipline department. Just in the past 2 years, he’s signed known criminals such as: Tank Johnson and Pacman Jones, not to mention T.O. who’s not a criminal but is the biggest distraction in the history of the NFL. As long as Jones is the owner, the team will never have a coherent lockeroom. His antics worked in the 1990’s because he had the best team, but with mediocre talent order is needed.

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  1. Why all the hate for the Cowboys?I don’t understand.

  2. Jerry Jones loves publicity, not winning.

  3. tonyblogs.net says:

    How interesting would it be to have Owens and Lewis on the same team? Didn’t Lewis say a bunch of bad stuff about Owens after he backed out of the trade to Baltimore?

  4. Oh yeah, I do remember Ray being a lil salty over T.O. backing out. I guess playing in big D heals all wounds.

    @J Will
    Without these types of stories, we wouldn’t talk about Dallas at all.

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