Can you smell the fear?

Just as Sid Vicious terrorized WCW wrestlers in the 90’s, some of the NFL’s most coveted stars are putting that same level of fear into the hearts of NFL execs league wide. As we are less than an hour away from the official start of free agency, agents have their cellulars ready and GM’s are contemplating which move to make first.

Kurt Warner, Ray Lewis, Albert Haynesworth & T.J. Houshmandzadeh are among the big name Pro-Bowl quality players that will be available at 12:01 a.m. Friday morning. The free agent season is the occasion where the players have the upper hand. If their current teams are not willing to part with the big money, then they can sign with the highest bidder.

As we know, NFL contracts are not guaranteed anybody can be cut at anytime, some guys have even had their signing bonuses retracted, its brutal. Thus far this off season, we’ve seen top notch players dropped without hesitation, there is no loyalty in this league. During the draft each year, established players are forced to watch rookies, players who haven’t played one NFL down, get contracts in the $30, $40 and $50 million range. Contrarily, vets are anointed with franchise tags. Which is nice way to say we don’t want to pay you, give you a multi-year contract, nor do we want you to leave our team.

I encourage all free agents to get the maximum amount of money they can get, because tomorrow they will be cut and kicked to the curb by the very teams claimed their unwavering allegiance to them. The owners don’t care about you, the fans only love you when you win so you might as well get paid in the process. I hope they use the league for their own advancement. Why not? The NFL has used players to get filthy rich for years and will look the other way when their old and crippled. Rape the league, take it all!

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