Buckle Up Lane, The Road Is Going To Get Rocky

No Guts contributor, J Will drops in to comment on what’s going on with new Tennessee coach, Lane Kiffin.

This has been an interesting month for University of Tennessee coach, Lane Kiffin as he has the media and the fans talking about the Tennessee football program more than ever before. The funny thing is that he hasn’t even coached a game, yet the Vols have constantly been in the news.

As everyone knows, National Signing Day is now a week old but the fallout from signing day is increasing and now Kiffin is a marked man. Kiffin, who has already gotten under the skin of many SEC coaches since being hired with his smack talk, has now decided to turn his attention to Florida coach, Urban Meyer. At a Tennessee recruiting party in front of alumni and more than 1,000 fans, Kiffin said that he was about to “turn Florida in right here in front of you” for violating NCAA recruiting rules. Nu’Keese Richardson (a Florida commit at the time) was visiting Tennessee and Urban Meyer called Richardson on his, which Lane Kiffin believed was a violation. Here’s what Kiffin had to say about it .

Just so you know, when a recruit’s on another campus, you can’t call a recruit on another campus.

But Kiffin wasn’t done as he took this shot at Meyer:

I love the fact that Urban had to cheat and still didn’t get him.

Though not accurate, this had the fans at the party going crazy. Gator Nation is now heated and they’re circling the Tennessee game as this year’s Georgia game. This allegation prompted Florida AD, Jeremy Foley to make a statement in which he felt that Kiffin disrespected Urban Meyer and the University of Florida and wanted an apology. Kiffin issued an apology only after SEC commissioner, Mike Slive spoke out and reprimanded him. Ironically, now there is news that Tennessee reported two minor violations by Kiffin and his staff when recruits were on campus. Lane Kiffin, are you serious? How are you going to accuse another coach of violations, all the while, you’re committing them yourself? If you started paying attention to your program instead of trying to turn other programs in, this would not have happened. Frankly, it really doesn’t matter because the damage has been done. How much damage? Well, just consider that this has been a very hot topic recently, but Urban Meyer hasn’t said a word about those comments. Urban Meyer loves to use stuff like this for motivation and there has been a lot of rumors in Gainesville that those quotes from Kiffin are posted on the walls in the Gator weight room. That can’t be good if you’re a Volunteer fan.

Many Tennessee fans like that they have a coach that has a little swagger. Well, I hope that swagger rubs off on the football team because Florida is going to be looking for blood. It’s going to be quite a scene in Gainesville because if Lane Kiffin didn’t have Urban Meyer’s and Gator fans’ attention before, he does now.

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