The Best Coach Meltdowns

The post-game press conference is usually a time to reflect on what went wrong or right in the game that your team just played. It’s a time to acknowledge players that did a good job for your team as well as your opponent’s. It’s even a time to show good sportsmanship whether you just won or lost. But every once in a while, the post game press conference takes a turn for the worst. So lucky for you, we’ve compiled a pretty solid list of the best meltdowns by coaches. Just so you know, the language is a little salty in a few of these so don’t crank these up for all of the office to hear. Nonetheless, you’re welcome.

We’ll get things going with John Chaney going for the throat of John Calipari. The best part about this meltdown was that it wasn’t even at his press conference. He just invited himself to Calipari’s.

I didn’t know who Kevin Borseth was before this meltdown. He didn’t waste any time introducing himself. And he did his best to make sure we never forget him or his meltdown.

A rather calm Hal McRae took the time to sit down with reporters after the usual loss by the Royals. He tried to keep it together, but once he lost it, he really lost it. He then leaves them with, “put that in your pipe and smoke it”. Classic.

Ahh, the NFL meltdown of all meltdowns. No introduction is needed here. I give you Dennis Green in, “They are who we thought they were”.

Don’t mess with Mike Gundy’s players and never forget that he’s a man. The best part? The ovation Gundy received while leaving the room.

And just for good measure, here’s the King of Meltdowns, Bobby Knight proving that sometimes one can’t wait for the post-game press conference.

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  1. Harold McCrae is clearly the best.

  2. No clips of Woody Hayes punching a player? Booooo. That’s MY favorite of all time.

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