Antrel Rolle: Criminal Activity Is What Is Missing At The University Of Miami

No Guts contributor, J Will drops by with an intriguing interview between a Miami radio station and Cardinals safety, Antrel Rolle.

Lost in the shuffle of all the hoopla and interviews during Super Bowl week, one interview seemed to have slipped through the cracks. Former Miami Hurricanes corner back, Antrel Rolle was on 560 WQAM in Miami last Monday discussing how the Arizona Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl and how he and his teammates were preparing for the game. The interview took an unexpected detour once the conversation turned to the Miami Hurricanes and what they needed to do to get back to winning championships. This is what Antrel had to say:

They just need to get that attitude back, you know go steal a couple of cars, go break into a couple of houses, do whatever it takes to just to get that attitude back, go out there and do something bad, I mean it doesn’t matter, we will forgive you, just bring that attitude back to “The U”, we need it.

Now, I know that it was Super Bowl week and people are known for saying dumb things, but this is ridiculous. What does stealing cars and breaking into houses have to do with the attitudes of the players? I thought that was the reason most of the kids from the Miami area play football, to avoid doing things like that. Attitude is not the problem for the Hurricanes. The problem is that during the Larry Coker years, they didn’t recruit or develop the players like they did in the glory years. So Randy Shannon basically had to start from scratch. But leave it to Antrel Rolle to clear everything up for everyone. I guess it’s a Canes thing, because I really don’t understand.

Here’s the full audio interview. It’s kinda long and Rolle’s comments about “Da U” are near the end, but it’s well worth the listen.

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