Add Ensuring PAC 10 Coaches Have Freedom Of Speech To President Obama’s To Do List.

Tim Floyd has been ejected a time or two during his coaching career so it’s only right for him to head the crusade for freedom of speech for coaches in the PAC 10 and across the nation. And what a better way to accomplish his goal than to put his request at the feet of President Barack Obama.

We don’t have freedom of speech as coaches, we can not discuss those things. I can’t discuss them, I can’t discuss them. Maybe Obama will change that rule, then we can talk

I guess this is the new fad in America. Have a problem? Ask Obama to fix it. Don’t like something? Ask Obama to change it. Want to trash officials after being ejected for acting a fool? Ask Obama for freedom of speech. Don’t worry Tim, I’m sure President Obama will get right on that one. At any rate, here’s the entire interview for those who can’t get enough of everything that is, Tim Floyd.

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