ACC Road Games: Where Stomach Ulcers Happen

Don’t you just hate it when you come home from a long day to find ESPN showing the worst college basketball games they can find? Well, last night was not supposed to be one of those nights. Wake Forest to take on Miami in the early game, then a battle between Duke and Clemson. Finally, two quality match ups. Well, they both quickly turned into bloodbaths.

Wake Forest was only able muster 52 points in their 79-52 loss to the Canes and even worse, Duke could only come up with 47 points in their 74-47 loss to Clemson. The one similarity in these two games? The two teams that got trounced were road teams. Which leads me to the point of all this. Playing on the road in the ACC aint easy. No matter how much the experts try to hype up the Big East or any other conference, the fact remains that playing in the ACC, especially on the road, is extremely taxing. There aren’t any easy wins and if you’re off your game, like tonight, you’ll get blown away. So while the experts continue to king The Big East as this year’s “power conference”, I’ll just wait until the end of March to see ACC teams making deep runs in the NCAA Tournament while Big East teams bow out early and often.

And just in case you need any more proof of life in the ACC, here you go.

Ahhh, it never gets old.

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