6 things not to miss about the NFL season

Everybody loves football. I can say I do too. The NFL season is over and most of us will experience football withdrawal, but there are a few things not to miss about the NFL season. The pros of the NFL season far outweigh the cons, but I’ve listed a few things I think we all can do without for a while.

1) I don’t miss Madden. We are forced to suffer through Madden during NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Does he ever make any sense? Can anyone understand was he says? You’re not alone.

2) I don’t miss Fantasy Football. Guess who I chose with the #1 pick in my Fantasy League. You guessed it, Tom Brady. I hate fantasy leagues!

3) I don’t miss Plax. Plaxico Burress attempted to end his career in the 2008 season with conduct detrimental to his team and to his life. The guy shot himself and lived to endure the ridicule, it doesn’t get worse than that.

4) I don’t miss the Zebras. I don’t miss watching these guys make consistently bad calls. Did you watch the Super Bowl? The league needs new refs!

5) Don’t miss Andy either. I’m so glad I don’t have to see Andy Reid struggle to stand for 3 hours on Sunday. He’s a pretty good coach, but he has to weigh about 400lbs. Come on Andy, you can afford a good diet program.

6) No comment.

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