Who Would Win A Pick Up Game Between The NBA On ESPN Crew and The NBA On TNT Crew?


We are all subjected to the talking heads from both TNT and ESPN before, during, and after every NBA game. They break down the teams and players in an attempt to enlighten u all on which teams and players will ultimately prevail. Each network does this in their own unique way. The differences are obvious, but one thing isn’t. What we all need clarity on is who would win in a pickup game between the two network’s on-air personalities. That’s where we come in. We’ve broken down each network’s team and we’re prepared to make our prediction on who would come away victorious. So enough of this intro crap, here’s the breakdown and prediction.

TNT’s Studio/Starting Five
1) Ernie Johnson
2) Kenny Smith
3) Charles Barkley
4) Chris Webber
5) Magic Johnson

Pretty strong five for TNT. There’s two Hall of Famers, an All Star, a JET, and Ernie Johnson. I do have a couple of concerns though. Ernie Johnson is a complete liability. I mean, have you seen the man’s jump shot? And we’re all aware of Chuck’s love with the sauce.

ESPN’s Studio/Starting Five
1) Stuart Scott
2) Avery Johnson
3) Bill Walton
4) Tim Legler
5) Jalen Rose

Respectable five for ESPN. There’s a Hall of Famer, a General, a Shooter, an Underachiever, and a BOOYAH! No real scorer for this team so it would have to be done on the defensive end. And we know Jalen Rose aint playing any defense.

Advantage? TNT’s Studio/Starting Five

TNT’s GameTime/2nd Five
1) Marv Albert
2) Kevin Harlan
3) Doug Collins
4) Reggie Miller
5) Mike Fratello

Pretty big drop off from the studio five but there are a couple of capable bodies in this group. There’s a Hall of Famer, a Biter, a Couple of Toupees, and an Influence on Michael Jordan’s career. The Hall of Famer will have to play flawlessly to make up for this group.

ESPN’s GameTime/2nd Five
1) Mike Breen
2) Mike Tirico
3) Hubie Brown
4) Mark Jackson
5) Jeff Van Gundy

Pretty ugly team here. Not sure how they will muster any points. There’s a HOF Coach, a Badly Balder, a St. Johns Legend, a Leg Grabber, and a Bang! This team surely won’t help ESPN’s chances.

Advantage? TNT’s GameTime/2nd Five

TNT’s Sideline/Reserve Three
1) Craig Sager
2) Cheryl Miller
3) David Aldridge

The reserves are used for spot duty, but look for some points from this group. There’s a Bad Wardrobe, a Female Jordan, and a Very Strong Mustache. For the TNT team, these three are definitely closers. Well maybe one is.

ESPN’s Sideline/Reserve Three
1) Doris Burke
2) Mark Jones
3) Lisa Salters

Unlike TNT’s reserves, don’t look for a ton of points from this group. There’s a Providence Legend, a Canadian, and a Diamond In The Ruff. One capable scorer and that’s about it. Not more capable than TNT’s Female Jordan though.

Advantage? TNT’s Sideline/Reserve Three

So it’s a clean sweep for the TNT crew. And thus, TNT is our prediction on who would win this game. Who are you taking?

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  1. Cheryl Miller is the X-Factor coming off the bench.

    Edge – TNT

  2. Anonymous says:

    didn’t Magic live TNT prior to this season. i think he is ow working for ABC/ESPN.

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