Who Says Fans Don’t Fight Over Tennis?

New No Guts contributor, J Will will drop by from time to time and give his perspective on the College Football world and anything else that is on his mind. Today, he weighs in on the Royal Rumble at the Australian Open.

American fans don’t fight over tennis, but I guess Bosnian and Serbian fans do. Minutes after Novak Djokovic defeated Amer Delic in four sets, both groups of fans got together to throw chairs and anything else that they could get their hands on. Now, I was shocked to see this happen at a tennis match. The organizers said that they feared that something like this would happen even though Djokovic and Delic are friends. Both guys came out and said that there is no room for this (never thought I would hear that coming from a tennis player) and that it should have not happened and I agree. Tennis fans need to understand that just because no one is watching you on TV doesn’t mean you can go outside on throw chairs at each other. Well I know Vince McMahon is somewhere smiling.

Video via Sharapova’s Thigh

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