What Good Is A One Year Contract If Bowden Doesn’t Sign It?

No Guts contributor, J Will drops by to give his perspective on the soap opera going on in Tallahassee regarding Bobby Bowden’s contract.

Remember the one year contract that Bobby Bowden was supposed to sign this off season? Well he has yet to sign it. And now there are a lot of rumors coming out of Tallahassee that Bowden wants a three year contract, similar to JoePa’s. No problem, right? Well that would keep Bowden at Florida State past the 2010 deadline set in Jimbo Fisher’s contract. The result? Florida State would owe Fisher $5 million.
The school’s administration has told Bowden that he can only have a one year contract, but apparently, that’s not sitting very well with him. Bowden (regardless of what he says) he wants to be the all-time winningest coach in college football and with JoePa sticking around for three more years, a one year contract won’t help his cause.

Since there is a lot of talk of the Seminoles having to forfeit some games due to NCAA sanctions stemming from “tutor-gate”, Bowden might be waiting to see how many games they are going to lose. While Bowden is waiting on the NCAA to rule, FSU’s offensive line coach, Rick Trickett, is in limbo because he was told that he can’t get his extension done until Bowden’s contract is done. Trickett ,of course, is not happy with this and feels he’s not getting any respect. Many Seminole fans are upset with this because Trickett looks to have the offensive line headed in the right direction and the Seminoles can’t afford to lose him.

You would think these problems would happen to a team that just had a losing season, but not one that just won 9 games. Bobby Bowden is a legend, but has to understand that he can’t coach forever and that he made an agreement with the coach in waiting, Jimbo Fisher. The question is, whether Bowden wants to keep the program that he built from getting back to at least winning the ACC, or does he want to keep giving us the speech about “we are one superstar player away” every year. My prediction is that the 2009 season will be Bowden’s last because he will be too far behind JoePa in the all-time wins department due to the NCAA sanctions, but could possibly win the ACC or at least another bowl game. The only thing Bowden won’t do is stop the losing streak to the Gators, but hey, two out of three ain’t bad.

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