We’re Ranked #4. We Just Beat #3. Should We? Screw It, We’re Rushing The Court

Alright Demon Deacon fans, we need to talk. You guys have one of the most talented teams in the country. They have a legitimate chance to win the ACC and maybe even more. Yet, somehow you seem to not see what the rest of the country sees.

I, like most, wasn’t the least bit surprised when the Deacs took down UNC (notice I didn’t use the word “upset”). But for some reason, you were? I only ask because once the time reached triple zeros, you guys rushed the court as if you were [insert any mid major team here].

I know, I know. It’s mighty North Carolina and a great win for your young players. But when do you start seeing yourself as a mighty program? At some point, you have to start expecting to win these games. It’s obvious that the guys on the court already expect it. So come Jan 28th when Duke comes to town, if the Deacs win, please refrain from rushing the court. After last night, you should have pretty high expectations.

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  1. Too bad FSU couldn’t rush the court against Duke lol

  2. Too bad UNC is 0-2 in the ACC.

  3. Hey! I’m a 1979 Wake Forest and it’s you who doesn’t understand! ANY victory over Carolina, I don’t care what the records and rankings are, is cause for rushing the court!! We have put up with their fans’ taunting, laughing, obnoxious behavior for decades so, as far as I’m concerned, rushing the court and rolling the quad are wonderful ways to express our joy!

    The players need to have forgotten the victory and be getting ready for BC but the weary Wake fan SHOULD celebrate long into the night and even for days to come! No one can take the victory over our most hated arch-rival away from us! Got it?

  4. SoxAddict says:

    It’s been said time and time again: “Act like you’ve been there before.”

  5. C’mon, the kids are in college. Let them have some fun by rushing the court after beating a top team. It’s a big win regardless of Wake’s ranking.

  6. We both know they are gonna beat FSU though

  7. Los Brown says:

    Yes, by all means have fun, but its not like Jordan, Worthy and Perkins were on the other bench. They beat a team that has no NBA stars on the roster, and they must remember that they will see NC again. Before the season is over they will laern a lesson in humility.

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