Things You Won’t See During This Year’s Super Bowl

As we get closer to the end of the longest week of the year and closer to game time, I’m sure you’ve had enough of the previews, analyzing, and everything else that comes with this week. Since you’re undoubtedly equipped with what to look for on Super Bowl Sunday, it’s our duty to give you some things that you shouldn’t plan on seeing on Super Bowl Sunday. I mean, it’s only right that someone keep the world balanced. Why not us?

The Mannings
I guess we can put this one down as a “hope”. Neither are actually playing so we shouldn’t see them, but there’s always the chance of an interview. And even if we get past the Eli, Peyton hurdle, there’s still Archie.

OJ making a cameo
He could do an interview from “the inside”, but it just wouldn’t be the same. This is OJ I will forever remember:

The classic team sweater vest
Nothing says coach like this sweet sweater vest. This new generation of coaches just don’t get it.

This guy suiting up. Relieved coaches?
He may not look like much, but both coaches would take him on their team and are happy he’s not on the other.

This guy suiting up. Disappointed coaches?
He may look capable, but both coaches wouldn’t take him on their team and are disappointed he’s not on the other.

A purple guitar being played at halftime
Not sure why we had to witness this in a prior Super Bowl, but we did. And now, I’m happy we won’t this year.

A pasty debacle
Unless “The Boss” has an unusual surprise for us, I’m sure we won’t see any pasties. Well, I hope we don’t. Bruce Springsteen and pasties really don’t mix.

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