Sarkisian Hitting The Ground Running By Racking Up The Recruiting Violations

Steve Sarkisian isn’t wasting anytime bringing the USC culture to his new gig at the University of Washington. Sarkisian and defensive coordinator, Nick Holt committed two secondary recruiting violations (the second occurrence in as many weeks) when they met with James Boyd (who happens to be committed to his former employer), Boyd’s coach, two other players from Boyd’s high school team (a junior and a senior), and Los Angeles Times reporter, Ben Bolch. The meeting, well meetings took place at a Los Angeles hair salon and then again at a coffee house.

The school acknowledges that Sarkisian and Holt shouldn’t have met with the junior as well as meeting with a prospect in the company of a press member, but they contend that the coaches were placed in a “awkward situation”.

I want to make it clear that we do not tolerate NCAA violations, Washington Athletic Director Scott Woodward said in the statement. We, as a department, are committed to compliance with the rules. Coach Sarkisian and Coach Holt found themselves in an awkward situation that was not of their doing. They regret that the incident occurred, and I’m confident that they will handle similar circumstances differently in the future.

Let me take a moment to get the facts together. They meet a group of players (one of which they covet) and their coach all the while they’re aware that a member of the press is present. And they meet with them in not one, but two different locations. Yet, neither coach believed that they should have removed themselves from the situation. This is definitely of their doing. But here’s cause for optimism for Husky fans. These type of things worked at USC, why can’t they work at Washington too?

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