The NFL Teaches Us All How To Recycle

The Green Movement has apparently made it’s way to the NFL. And now, the NFL is beginning to take this initiative way too far. How far you ask? Well, recently NFL teams have turned to recycling it’s coaches instead of discarding old ones for new ones. It seems that NFL teams can’t bring themselves to rid the league of those old coaches, no matter how useless they may be. Instead, those coaches are recycled by the next unassuming loser.

Anyone paying any attention since we’ve moved into the pink slip season has undoubtedly heard the names of a number of recycled coaches rumored to be in the running for open coaching position.

We’ve heard names like Kevin Gilbride, Jim Fassel, Ray Sherman, Mike Nolan, Bill Cowher and even Marty Schottenheimer. But the name that underlies the entire recycling culture in the NFL is that of Rod Marinelli. Amazingly, the man synonymous with the worst single season record in NFL history has been interviewed by both the Bears and the Seahawks to be an assistant coach. I’m sure the fans of those two teams are thrilled!

Obviously, NFL teams are vying to be world leaders in the recycling initiative as well as making sure the fans have to endure the same ole ideas from the same ole coaches.

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  1. Los Brown says:

    Marinelli has also been offered a d-line coaching job by the Lions,unreal.

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