Millen takes blame for 0-16 season

On NBC’s Saturday’s edition of “Football Night in America” Detroit Lions’ former GM Matt Millen took the blame for the Lions history making 0-16 season.

Millen said “I would have fired myself after the season.” Yes, he actually acknowledged that he sucked as a GM. Its good to know that we still have some self aware guys in the world. The Lions were 31-84 under Millen’s leadership.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take Millen long to land a new gig with NBC. Hopefully he stays in front of a camera and away from all NFL organizations. As for the Lions, lets hope the Ford family makes a better pick for GM this time around.

I only have one question for NFL owners, who’s organization will Millen be running next? You thought he was finished? This is the NFL, the league of 2nd, 3rd & 4th chances.

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