Mickelson’s Opening Round 76 Signals That The PGA Tour Has Returned

I don’t claim to be an avid golf follower so it takes significant milestones for me to be reminded when the PGA tour season has picked back up. And with Tiger not around to beat the field by 5 or more strokes, it makes it even harder for me to pinpoint exactly when tour events are going on. Well luckily, Phil Mickelson is picking up the slack. In his first tournament of the year, Mickelson shot a 5-over 76 in the opening round of the FBR Open TPC Scottsdale. The score was good or bad enough to land him tied for 121st. But in typical Phil fashion, he’s not worried.

I feel like I can come back out tomorrow and shoot a good round and play the weekend, Mickelson said. I’d probably have to shoot about 5 under. But that doesn’t feel out of the question, even though the score in this first round might look disgusting. It doesn’t feel that far off.

Confidence is one thing, but reality is another. If you feel like you can shoot a 5-under whenever you want, why not just do it in the opening round? That’s so crazy, it just might work. Get ready folks, looks like it will be another long season for ole Phil and I’ll be loving every minute of it.

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