McNabb’s last run in Philly

It’s not easy being a sports star in Philly, just ask Donovan McNabb. Though he’s the heart and soul of the Eagles squad, he’s still endured the wrath of Philadelphia fans and their expectations.

McNabb led the Eagles to 4 consecutive conference championship games from 2001-2004 including Super Bowl XXXIX in ’04, 5 division titles, and 7 playoff appearances in 10 years. He’s the franchise’s all-time leader in wins, pass completions, pass yards and TD’s; not to mention the 5 Pro Bowl selections.

Despite all he’s accomplished during his time in Philly, McNabb has been hassled by the media and benched by coach Andy Reid in November. Who bench’s the franchise quarterback? Through it all NcNabb has the team back in a familiar spot, the NFC championship. In an unexpected meeting, the Eagles will attempt to make it back to the Super Bowl by defeating the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday afternoon in Arizona.
Regardless of what happens Sunday, McNabb is playing out his last days as an Eagle. The once rock solid relationship that he and Andy Reid shared went out the door with the benching incident and the media will continue to vilify him. McNabb has heightened the expectations of the fans of Philadelphia, and though they don’t recognize it now, they will miss him when he’s gone.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    McNabb is the only QB in the NFL that does so much with so little.The Eagles fans always complain about him not getting the job done,but look at what he has.Besides B.Westbrook and Desean Jackson,they have skill players that are journeymen.I think you are right about the fans missing him when he is gone,because Kevin Kolb is not the answer.

  2. By no means is Kolb the answer, Philly will be a bottom feeder for a few years after McNabb leaves anyway.

  3. I hope the Eagles do release McNabb so Dallas can pick him up.

  4. Dallas? Finally gave up on Romo I see.

  5. He just cost us 2 Super Bowls.

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