How To Be A Sports Agent? Lie Like There Is No Tomorrow

Manny Ramirez has now been on the market for almost three months now. During that span, we’ve crowned a National Champion in college football, saw the Steelers and Cardinals advance to the Super Bowl and even seen a new president come into office. And yet, no deal for Manny. And to add insult to injury, not many teams have even expressed much interest in the slugger. Now, suddenly out of the blue, Scott Boras has informed us all that we’ve got it all wrong and there are a plethora of teams interested in Manny.

We are negotiating with several teams, Boras said Monday night. The process has begun and we’ll see where it takes us.

After reading that, only one thing comes to mind. Scott Boras, you sir are a liar.

Hang up, Scott. We know no one is on that phone.

Cmon, Scott. We see the headlines. We read the stories. There aren’t many teams out there who are interested in Manny’s view of a fair contract for himself. If you were doing your job, you would have instructed Manny to take the Dodgers’ initial offer. If you had, you wouldn’t have to fabricate stories about all the teams that are now mysteriously interested in Manny. Teams that you, not surprisingly, won’t disclose to the public. But I guess I can’t blame you for your desperate measures. With spring training starting soon, things aren’t looking good for you or Manny. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

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  1. YES! I want to be a “Sports Agent”.
    I want to lie, cheat, steal, even kill to get the most money away from a team for my retarded and reprobate athlete. YEP! I want to make all the money I can off the backs of those I “represent” for their half-assed perfomance. I will
    keep them sober and out of jail, if I can. I will act just a CEO, or even better, a Congressman.

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