The "Golden Boys" Of The 2006 NFL Draft: They Aint Who We Thought They Were

The report that Kerry Collins will be the Tennessee Titan’s starting quarterback in ’09 is the icing on the cake for anyone looking to label the “golden boys” of the 2006 NFL Draft as busts. Lucky for you, we’re looking to do just that. And lucky for us, it won’t be very hard. And since hindsight is 20/20, we’ll tell you who the teams that got caught up in the hype should have taken instead.

Reggie Bush – New Orleans Saints
Everyone’s “can’t miss” pick but lately it’s been too much Kim Kardashian and not enough touchdowns. Which is fine, but one has gotten old and the other will get old soon (I’ll let you choose which one is which). Bush has yet to eclipse 1,000 yards rushing or receiving and now he can’t seem to stay healthy either. The way things are going, Bush may be headed to being a third down back. I guess he can always shoot for being the best punt returner in history, amongst other things.

Who do the Saints wish they had picked? DeAngelo Williams

Vince Young – Tennessee Titans
No need to throw up any stats because that would be completely unfair (and it would make us all think that we could play quarterback in the NFL). Young’s career seems to be slipping away fast. The nightmare from this past season has now spilled over to next season and who’s to say he will be the starter when Kerry Collins ever decides to move on.

Who do the Titans wish they had picked? Jay Cutler

AJ Hawk – Green Bay Packers
A tackle here, a tackle there. I guess he’s a serviceable linebacker, but in the weeks leading up to the draft, he was being built up as the second coming of Dick Butkus. He couldn’t even win the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Who won that? Demeco Ryans.

Who do the Packers wish they had picked? Demeco Ryans

Vernon Davis – San Francisco 49ers
Just another case where potential and hype takes a life of it’s own. Davis was built as the “go-to” receiver for then starter, Alex Smith. Well that didn’t work out as Smith was benched and Davis has failed to become the Gonzalez/Gates type of player that they thought he would have. All the while, the Niners had many other holes that could have been filled.

Who do the 49ers wish they had picked? Haloti Ngata

Michael Huff – Oakland Raiders
The man seen as a future perennial Pro Bowler lost his starting job this past season. Do I need to go any further?

Who do the Raiders wish they had picked? Antonio Cromartie

Matt Leinart – Arizona Cardinals
The man can’t even get on the field. And pictures like these don’t help (well they don’t help him, but they definitely help us). All the debate about him falling in the draft is now settled. And #10 may have been too high as well.

Who do the Cardinals wish they had picked? Jay Cutler


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  1. Los Brown says:

    Leinart, still has a chance to be great, years 4 and 5 will tell the story.

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