For Those Scoring At Home, It’s Now Jags 2, BC 1

There’s that smile again. So you know what that means. Boston College has once again felt the curse of the Jags. This time Miami came into Chestnut Hill and walked away with a victory. Respectable loss I must say but we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that Boston College’s men’s basketball team is 0-2 since the firing of Jeff Jagodzinski.

Is it too late to bring Jags back?

And don’t look now, but the men’s hockey team is now feeling it too. They have yet to win a game since the firing of Jags on January 7th. And here’s your proof. That’s right, no wins and a tie.

Starting to believe yet? If not, don’t you worry. We’ll keep an eye on this even if no one else will.

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