Could Cowher and Bettis Be The Key Cogs In The Steelers’ Super Bowl Run?

In my quest to immerse myself in every angle of this year’s Super Bowl, I was somehow summoned to the Official Site of the Pittsburgh Steelers. After noting how uneasy on the eyes this page was, I entered the site (yes, you have to actually click a button that says “Click To Enter Site”). I looked at around for a couple of minutes looking for a listing of the coaching staff, but I mistakenly clicked on a link labeled “Team Pass”. What I found explains exactly how the Steelers have been able to make it back to the Super Bowl so quickly. I’ve uncovered that Bill Cowher and Jerome Bettis are secretly working in the Steelers organization. Here’s your proof.

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Yes, there they are along with Big Ben. It even looks like they’ve done some interviews. And to think, we see them every Sunday on CBS and NBC in the studio acting all retired. Talk about balls! At any rate, when a team is allowed to have not one, but two head coaches and an extra offensive coach, it’s no wonder that they’re in the Super Bowl. The Cardinals don’t know what they’re in for.

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