Buck and Aikman Only Travel In Style, By US Marshall Escort

This entire story is centered around a lawyer for the United States Marshals Service who improperly used federal vehicles and on-duty deputies to escort him to World Series games and the Super Bowl for his part time gig as a statistician for Fox Sports.

But where this story really gets good is that the lawyer reportedly also arranged these escorts to some NFL playoff games as well as last year’s Super Bowl for Fox announcers, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Tim McCarver also received escorts to World Series games in 2007.

So of course, Fox is caught completely off guard on this one. This is what Dan Bell, the vice president for communications at Fox Sports had to say about the findings of The Office of the Inspector General’s investigation:

At select events, he did offer transportation to some Fox Sports personnel. We were unaware, however, that those arrangements were in any way inappropriate, and regret to learn now that they apparently were.

So basically Dan is saying, as long as Aikman and Buck made it work, they could really care less how they got there. Well Dan, it looks like someone cares.

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