Boston College, The Curse Of The Jags Is Now Upon You

This isn’t the look of a man who just got fired from his job as the Boston College head football coach . Most people in his situation would have a face full of pain and despair. Well, not Jeff Jagodzinski. This is a man who know his worth. He knows what he brought to Boston College and more importantly what he has left. And what he has left will haunt Boston College for years to come.

Athletic director Gene DeFilippo thought that he had the last laugh, but boy was he wrong. He had no idea what he was doing to the entire BC athletic program by firing Jagodzinski. Now, the curse of the Jags has been unleashed on the entire program.

And it didn’t take long for BC to start feeling the effects. Just hours after Jagodzinski was fired, the men’s basketball team, fresh off a huge upset of #1 ranked North Carolina, lost to Harvard 82-70. Let me repeat that. They lost to HARVARD 82-70, AT HOME.

The curse claims it’s first victim

Coincidence? I think not. Circle this date on your calendars folk. January 7, 2009 marks the downfall of the Boston College athletic program.

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  1. LOL.I don’t know about the basketball team,but the football team is finished.

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