The Aftermath: NFL Divisional Playoffs

Can the Panthers ever win a Super Bowl with Jake Delhomme at the helm?
It seems that Jake Delhomme has taken the Carolina Panthers as far as he can. Some guys just don’t have it in them to win the big ones. And it looks like Delhomme is one of those guys. So what should the Panthers do? At this point, it may be time to look in another direction. The Panthers have a sound rushing attack, capable receivers (one superstar receiver might I add), and a stout defense. It’s obvious that the weakest link is the quarterback position. As long as Delhomme is at the helm, Carolina will continue to be seen as a disappointment.

Matt Leinart needs to be preparing his mind now for his backup role next season.
There’s no way Kurt Warner will retire after the season. No way at all. So Leinart better start preparing now. And at this point, it’s impossible for Leinart himself to even think he deserves to start. So sit back and relax Matt and we’ll reasses after the 2009-2010 season.

It didn’t matter who won the Titans, Ravens game. The Steelers are a lock for the Super Bowl.
The Steelers have proved they can win any and every type of game. They can win 13-10 one week and the next they can put up 35 points. The Ravens can only win one way. And that will ultimately be their downfall. It was a good run for the Ravens though. But there’s just no way they walk into Pittsburgh and win.

Is Donavon McNabb is the best quarterback in the NFL?
Well Andy Reid sure thinks so, even if he benched “the best quarterback in the NFL” earlier in the season. Whether he is the best in the NFL is debatable. What isn’t is that he’s been the best quarterback in the playoffs this season. (Warner is a close second)

Brace yourself for an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl and maybe even Philly taking the MLB and NFL Championship.
After this weekend’s games we may be in store for a Steelers vs Eagles Super Bowl match up. Intriguing storyline to say the least, but what if the Eagles actually win it all. That would mean both the Phillies and the Eagles are the champions of their respective leagues. If only the Sixers would get it’s act together.

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