Add Akers To The List Of Eagles Dodging The Blame For Yesterday’s Loss

The usual suspect (McNabb and Reid) are feeling the heat after the Eagles’ loss to the Cardinals, but it looks like David Akers isn’t getting off easy either. And rightly so. Akers went 2/3 on field goals, missed an extra point, and even booted a kickoff out of bounds. When corned about his performance, Akers had this to say:

I missed two kicks. And I made two. I’m not going to say I was the worst thing in the world. . . . I’m going to take my blame. But I’m not going to let people try to slap me down. Like I was awful. I missed a couple kicks. But I made some. I’m disappointed in the ones I missed and happy for the ones I made.

But I’m not going to take the blame for the whole loss here. It was four points.

I agree you don’t get the entire blame, but you certainly didn’t help the cause. Missed field goals happen. But with the team looking for any momentum they can find, missed field goals and extra points certainly don’t help. And kicking a kickoff out of bounds is unacceptable whether your opponents go three and out afterwards or not. So in an off season that will be surely filled with “what-ifs”, there will be plenty “what-ifs” for Eagles fans to ponder about Akers’ performance.

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  1. The only thing i found out about David Akers is that he is not a clutch kicker.

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