7 NBA Players That Will Never Be On The Cover Of GQ

For everyone that hasn’t heard, Lebron James will appear on the February cover of GQ magazine. For fashion purposes, there isn’t a better magazine to have your face plastered on the cover on. King James routinely comes G’d up to every game and he has David Stern to thank for the opportunity to do so.

I have to thank (NBA commissioner) David Stern. Ever since he put in the rule about having to get dressed for the game, I had to get dressed.

Well Lebron, some of your counterparts haven’t taken Commissioner Stern up on his opportunity. And since we here at No Guts have assumed the duty of fashion police, it’s only right for us to point out 7 NBA players that will never find their mugs on GQ.

Steve Nash
I’ve never seen this man wear a tie. Has anyone? The chest hair doesn’t help either there, Steve.

Tim Duncan
I’m convinced that Timmy doesn’t own an iron. Or the number to a dry cleaner for that matter.

Allen Iverson
A white tee, jeans, and a hat can’t be considered fashionable. Can it?

Joakim Noah
I still wanna believe that this was a joke. But since I haven’t seen better from him, I guess we’re supposed to take it/him seriously?

Stephen Jackson
Stephen is donning the suit that your old drunk uncle would wear. Doesn’t it just looks like it reeks of mothballs and MD 20/20?

DeShawn Stevenson
You can’t do much but “crank that soldier boy” in this get-up.

Robert Swift
I’m not even sure where to start with this one.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I Think Timmy doesn’t care about what he puts on,he just wants to play basketball lol

  2. Maybe he should pay a little more attention to his wardrobe. He needs to get stylist he can afford it.

  3. Chendaddy says:

    hahaha that chest hair really doesnt help at all

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh great. Just what the world needs. More exposure for Lebron James.

  5. designer replica handbags says:

    No clips of Woody Hayes punching a player? Booooo. That's MY favorite of all time.

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