56 Stolen Bases: Rickey Henderson Can Still Do That

How do I know? Well Rickey said it himself. And who am I to question the newly elected Hall of Famer? What prompted Rickey to make such a bold statement? Just a press conference full of reporters hanging on to his every word. And Rickey certainly did not disappoint.

After proclaiming to everyone in the room that he was retired (something that SHOULD be common knowledge), Rickey stunned the room with this:

but if a club came out and said they needed a left fielder, they needed a guy to get on base and steal a few bases, they can always ring my phone and I’ll come on down and help their ball club, that’s how much I love the game.

Oh, but it gets better. Oh yes, it gets better. Rickey also had this gem:

I believe today, and people say I’m crazy, but if you gave me as many at-bats that you would give the runners out there today, I would out-steal every last one of them. I can go out and steal as many bases as [Jose] Reyes steals.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Jose Reyes stole 56 base last season. So at age 50, Rickey Henderson wants us to believe that he can steal 56 bases. Add me to the list of people that have said you’re crazy. Rickey, you’re crazy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If I was Jose Reyes I would take this as a slap in the face.He is basically telling Jose that he has the same amount of talent as him at age 50.Just a clown statement.

  2. Los Brown says:

    Its over Rickey, you’re in the Hall now.

  3. You can tell when someone is so happy that they just start saying anything out their mouth.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Damn MLB sucks, if they would have let Rickey play when he wanted to play a couple of years ago, instead of blacklisting him, he would have done quite a bit for a 40 year old. Just look at Julio Franco! MLB commisioner sucks!!

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