The Winner of this year’s ACC Invitational is….The ACC

Was there ever any doubt who would win? I guess the Wisconsin win and the upset that Ohio State pulled off gave Big Teners some hope, but deep down, they knew what the outcome would be. I will say that the Big Ten actually held their own this year, but I doubt the original idea was for the Big Ten to just hold their own. They were supposed to win at least one of the challenges. But I guess there’s always next year. If you missed any of the games, here’s a recap.

Wake Forest 83 Indiana 58
The night didn’t start well for the Big Ten or for people that wanted to see a good game. But I can’t say that I expected this game to actually be good. I won’t spend time actually breaking down this one because there’s not much there to breakdown. The score pretty much tells the story and there’s much more interesting games to get to. But I was intrigued with this year’s Indiana squad. I’m aware of the uphill climb that Tom Crean has, but as I watched the Hoosiers I couldn’t help but think that I could actually play for Indiana. Note to Indiana coaches, I think I have a year of eligibility left. I mean, you can’t do much worse.

Penn State 85 Georgia Tech 83
A mildly entertaining game which featured Gani Lawal dropping 34 points in a losing effort and a bird flying around in the Alexander Memorial Coliseum. The Nittany Lions tried their best to give away this game, squandering a 10-point lead early and missing late free throws that would’ve iced it. Luckily for the Nittany Lions, the Jackets didn’t appreciate their giving nature. Note to the Yellow Jackets, everyone likes gifts, you should too.

Maryland 75 Michigan 70
Pretty good matchup and game that showcased not Michigan and Maryland, but Greivis Vasquez. Mr. Vasquez led Maryland to the victory while leading the team in scoring, rebounds, assists, and steals. And I can assure you that there was 4 other players out there with him. Maybe not good ones, but they were out there. Note to Michigan fans, your Wolverines couldn’t stop a one man team, it’s not looking good for them being able to stop a five man one.

North Carolina 98 Michigan State 63
Another marquee matchup that was anything but marquee. And yet another Michigan team getting beat at Ford Field by 30+. Now here is the question, is North Carolina that good, or is Michigan State overrated? Well it’s obvious that North Carolina is that good and it’s also obvious, to me at least, that Michigan State is very overrated at the moment. Note to Michigan State fans, hope you didn’t get comfy at Ford Field because your Spartans won’t be playing there again this season.

Northwestern 73 Florida State 59
With the chance to push the ACC to a 7-4 lead in the hands of the Seminoles what do they do? You guessed it, choke! The Noles committed 20 turnovers and during one stretch during the 2nd half they looked like a youth YMCA team. Northwestern took advantage of the sloppy play and outscored Florida State in the second half, 40-23. Note to FSU fans, I know the Noles started 7-0 and had some impressive wins, but this game looked eerily similar to the last couple of years. If your still have hair left, this year won’t help you keep it.

ACC 6 Big Ten 5
Ten years straight for the ACC, so where exactly is the challenge?

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  1. The Big 10 has to feel bad when your 2 top teams get destroyed by the ACC top 2 teams

  2. I agree. Purdue and Michigan State looked to be way overrated.

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