Vick could be back on the market soon, any takers?

Former Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick, is currently serving out a 23 month sentence in Leavenworth, Kansas for financing a dog-fighting ring.

According to his attorneys, Vick could be released from federal prison and placed in a Virginia halfway house before January ends.

Vick pleaded guilty last month to Virginia state dog-fighting charges helping him avoid more jail time.

The troubled star is scheduled to be released from federal custody on July 20, 2009 leaving time to possibly negotiate a deal to play in the NFL’s 2009 season, granted commissioner Roger Goddell welcomes him back.

Though he missed 2 seasons, Vick is arguably still better than half of the QB’s in the league. He’s athletic and most importantly, he puts fans in the seats.

Several teams should consider making a run at Vick; he could potentially revive a struggling franchise such as the Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The question is, which NFL owner is willing to take heat for signing Vick? Don’t know who, but someone will.

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  1. I think everyone deserves a second chance.I think Vick will get another shot but it won’t be at QB.I think Jerry Jones takes a chance on him because he is always trying to find the diamond in the rough.

  2. He surely will get another chance, but I think he may have the skills to play QB. Especially for a bad team.

  3. I think Mike is going to come back and have a great career.He should feel like he has alot to prove to everyone who lost faith in him.

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