T.O is a team killer, always whining

The infamous Dallas Cowboys WR, Terrell Owens, is up to his old team dividing tactics again.
His new target is Cowboys QB Tony Romo.

Donovan McNabb with the Philadelphia Eagles and Jeff Garcia while with the San Francisco 49ers both felt the wrath as Owens. Now, Romo will be forced to endure Owens tirade.

Recently Owens has accused Romo of purposely excluding him out of the offense and making up plays that would target TE Jason Witten.

Over the course of the year, Romo has targeted Owens 87 (43 rec.) times and Witten only 80 (57 rec.) times. Though Witten has more receptions, Owens has had more opportunities.

T.O. also leads the team in TD receptions with 9, 8 of which was thrown by Romo.

This is nothing more than a cry for more attention by a man that is realizing, at 35, his days as a top WR are numbered. This is selfishness and arrogance at its best.

At 8-5, the Cowboys will not win a Super Bowl this year, and only have a 50/50 chance of making the playoffs due to a divided locker room. T.O. = No Super Bowl wins! Get rid of him Jerry.

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