The Titans Get Pimped, Haynesworth Bout To Collect That Cash

I haven’t seen what a NFL contract looks like, but I’m sure it’s pretty extensive and confusing. I’m also sure that these contracts are structured in such a way that ultimately, the player is getting screwed. (If you can actually be screwed by a contract worth millions of dollars) Yet somehow, the Tennessee Titans put together a contract for Albert Haynesworth that actually screws themselves. The Tennessean has uncovered that Haynesworth will become an unrestricted free agent because of a clause in his contract that says if he made the Pro Bowl this year, the Titans could not put the franchise tag on him.

Now, all I want to know is what actually went on during these negotiations. For this to be the outcome, it had to go something like this:

Haynesworth’s agent: My client would like a clause inserted into the contract that states that if he makes the Pro Bowl, the franchise tag can not be placed on him.

Titans exec: I see no reason why that can’t be done. * adds the clause to the contract and prints it

Titans exec: Now Mr. Haynesworth, if you would sign right here.

Haynesworth: * signs the contract

Haynesworth’s agent: * leans over and whispers to Haynesworth, we’re bout to get pizzaid!

Haynesworth: * smiles and follows his agent out of the room

Titans exec’s colleague, who was also present: Um, why did you allow that clause to be added to the contract? You just screwed us!

Titans exec: Relax, he won’t make the Pro Bowl. I mean, when was the last time HE made the Pro Bowl?

Titans exec’s colleague: Um, try last season.

Titans exec: Awwww, S#$t!
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  1. LOL Nice post.Whoever put that clause in A.Haynesworth contract should be fired.Did they really believe he wasn’t going to make the Pro Bowl.Well at least they knew he would be motivated

  2. Dumb move by the Titans.He was already looking at a big payday last year,but now he is going to get even more money than what they Titans could have signed him too last year.

  3. Another bright move by an NFL exec. Where do they find these guys?

  4. I’m pretty sure the clause stipulated that he had to make the Pro Bowl in two consecutive years.

    It also seems like this contract was a result of his being tagged the franchise player once already.

    So to prevent a holdout Tennessee had to agree to some provisions, such as this one. But it also probably got a great year out of Fat Albert, since he had to play his way out of being tagged again.

  5. I also just realized that, if it’s a one year contract, technically all he had to do was make the Pro Bowl this year. Making us both right but me look like a jackass. My bad.

    Still, you have to think that the Titans had to do pretty much everything they could to sign him, even if it meant putting in this provision (which, and I will stand by this, helped the Titans by motivating him to stay healthy and play well).

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