The Only Key To Winning The Heisman, Wear A Hand Cast

Throw out the stats and everything else that happens on the field. There was only one thing that separated Sam Bradford from Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy. And that was a hand cast.

We all remember this photo from last year’s Heisman Awards:

See any similarities to Bradford’s photo? That’s right, Tebow is sporting a hand cast. Coincidence? I think not.

I totally expected the major networks to be all over this but I guess No Guts, No Glory is one of the few to see the major importance here. Finally, we have a true indication of who will win the Heisman trophy. No more guessing and playing the waiting game. Whoever shows up in a hand cast, has it in the bag. So Colt, if you’re reading this, I fully expect you to show up to next year’s award show sporting an orange hand cast. That’s if you intend on winning.

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