Things that make me Ponder

Why was Mike James on Supernanny?
NBA journeyman, Mike James, apparently needed Supernanny, Jo Frost to help he and wife Angela discipline their 4 daughters. The show aired on December 12, 2008. In typical reality TV fashion, James embarrassed himself by acting like an arrogant fool. In 7 seasons in the NBA, James has yet to become a star or remain on the same team for more than 2 years. I guess he figures he can become a reality star, but by what I saw on Supernanny he won’t make it on TV either.

Why did the Kings fire Reggie Theus?
Yeah the team is 6-18 but, Have you seen the Sacramento Kings team? They are bad, really bad. There is no team chemistry and their best player, Kevin Martin, is hurt. What do the Maloof brothers expect? Did they want Theus to perform a miracle? Theus or no Theus, the Kings will be horrible for the foreseeable future. What a way to treat the man that scored the first points in team history, no loyalty.
Who was the genius that scheduled the Cleveland Browns to 3 Monday Night Football games?
Okay, the Browns were 10-6 last season, but they didn’t make the playoffs and we’re talking about the Cleveland Browns. In December, NFL fans want to see MNF games that mean something, games that can potentially make or break seasons. We don’t want to see the Browns and 3rd string QB Ken Dorsey. Win or lose, lets make sure we keep the Browns off the MNF schedule until they win a playoff game.

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  1. Yea i didn’t understand why the Browns got 3 MNF games either.If it was the Cowboys or the Pats i can understand,but the Browns lol.Idon’t know what NFL/ESPN was thinking.

  2. The NFL thought they had another powerhouse team after the season the Browns had last year,turn out to be fool’s gold.

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