Taking Down The Bulls’ 72-10 Mark, How’s That For An Encore?

Don’t look now but the Boston Celtics are a ridiculous 23-2 and have won 15 straight and counting. It’s funny how all the “experts” were questioning whether or not this team would be hungry again and even questioning if they could take down the now mighty Lakers. (How the Lakers became mighty all of a sudden, I don’t know) But here at No Guts, we know how to make a prediction. Well, I do at least. It’s pretty obvious that my colleague doesn’t.

After winning the championship last year, the Celtics are pace to shatter the much celebrated 72-10 mark set by the 95-96 Chicago Bulls. Do I think they can do it? Why not? This team is balanced, deep, and lacks a significant weakness. But obviously that’s not important, because everyone knows the Lakers are the team to beat.

So while the “Laker lovers” and all the so-called “experts” keep drinking the Laker kool-aid, the Celtics will continue to show the world how hungry they really are.

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  1. They have had the forth easiest schedule so far, when they start playing real teams and win then we will see how good they really are.

  2. Thats a lie! They won’t win 72 games boss.

  3. 23-2 is 23-2 no matter who they’ve played.

  4. The Celtics are good but i agree with the 2 posters in front of me.They won’t win 72 and the schedule they have played is terrible.I think this is LeBron’s year

  5. For me ,the Lakers are the best. I admire them for their athleticism and talent.Last time I tried to get a ticket guess what everything was sold out that show how great our fans are. The prices were expensive. Anyhow I end up getting it from a site through this link:

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