Spoiled RB Portis and Zorn talk it out

After being publicly ripped by RB Clinton Portis, Washington Redskins head coach Jim Zorn talked with the star and smoothed things out.

After the two met Portis spoke about his statements, in response to why he verbally embarrassed the coach Portis said,

It was something on my chest that I needed to get off. I had some stuff built up. I was itching to air it out. After we talked, we’re on the same page.

As a first year head coach, Jim Zorn had no choice except biting the bullet this time. Portis has been the Redskins brightest star for the past few years and if the rift between Zorn and Portis would have continued, Zorn would be looking for a job after the season.

As long as the Redskins have Clinton Portis on the roster, they will not win a championship nor even make it to the Super Bowl. He a selfish player and its a sad day when your best player is the most immature, childish, and self serving person on the roster.

As the great Mike Singletary stated about selfish players, “you cannot coach with them, you cannot play with them, you cannot win with them, you can’t do it .”

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  1. Yea Clinton should have kept quite on this one,but Zorn should have hit him with a fine.this is a easy way to lose your team when your star player thinks he is the HC/OC.

  2. In the NFL all most coaches are on thin ice, I think Zorn did the only thing he could do.

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