Missing Cuts And Smashing Cameras, A Day In The Life Of John Daly

Fresh off his arrest in October at a Winston-Salem Hooters, John Daly has found his way back into the news. Daly seems to have realized that his PGA career is all but dead, but he hasn’t figured out how to deal with it just yet. According to ESPN, Daly smashed an onlooker’s camera after shooting a 6-over 78 at the Australian Open and pretty much solidifying his third missed cut in as many weeks.

After a wide tee shot on the ninth hole, Daly stormed into the trees surrounding the course where he found Brad Clegg with his camera trying to get some close range shots. At this point, Daly is enraged and proceeds to smash Clegg’s camera against the tree and screams,

You want it back, I’ll buy you a new one.

That’s telling em, Daly. I’m sure Clegg will never, ever, ever take another picture of you while playing golf because he surely doesn’t want to get his old camera smashed so you can buy him a new one. Man, you shouldn’t be so hard on em, John.

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