Love Cupcakes? Go Play for Duke!


That’s right parents. If your kids love cupcakes and they can flop when an opposing player comes down the lane, then there’s a spot for them in the Duke University basketball program.

Just check out the abundance of cupcakes that Duke has in store for your youngster:


Georgia Southern
Rhode Island
UNC Asheville
Loyola, Md
St. Johns

And parents, there’s no need to worry, they have a unlimited supply of cupcakes to choose from. Here’s some of the cupcakes that they have had in prior years:

North Carolina Central
New Mexico State
Eastern Kentucky
UNC Greensboro
And many more!

So if you’re ready for all the cupcakes that you can stand, the Duke University basketball program wants YOU! But don’t delay, spots are limited. They look forward to hearing from you and sharing the cupcake experience!

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  1. Like Dicky V. would say, “its cupcake city baby.”

  2. StevieY19 says:

    Yikes. Not to mention, 2/3 of those games will still be on ESPN.

  3. Los Brown says:

    And Dicky V. will be at them all, whether their 10-0 or 0-10.

  4. Really, how is this any different from other teams’ schedules, opponent-wise? Seems a bit silly to single out Duke here. PC and GSU were part of the Coaches vs Cancer tourney. Duke also plays Purdue, Xavier, Georgetown and Davidson this year, all ranked teams.

  5. have you looked at most high profile program’s schedules? there is nothing different about this, and i believe duke has a very good SOS this year. idiot.

  6. This is lazy, sad and ignorant.

    2008 – 8
    2007 – 15
    2006 – 1
    2005 – 4
    2004 – 1

    Duke has had a top 15 RPI each of the last 5 years. Top 10 in all but 1, and #1 for two years.

    Duke regularly has a top 10 SOS as well. Try doing some actual research before you write something like this.

  7. Man, this one really ruffled some feathers.

    No one should question the schedule of Duke. Anyone else is fair game, but not Duke. This year’s OOC schedule has 1 strong ranked team, the rest are middle of the road. Purdue was a ACC/Big Ten opponent and Davidson is a yearly opponent who isn’t usually ranked.

    Don’t be fooled, the top 10 SOS you guys keep boasting about is from playing in the ACC.

  8. Pretty shortsided if you ask me. Duke plays a top 10 schedule every year because they play in the country’s best conference. In addition, this year Duke already traveled to play MI twice (once on a neutral floor and once at their place), played at ranked Purdue, and played ranked Xavier. Duke’s schedule will stand up agaionst any in the country. This is noting more than the Duke bashing that seems to be the in thing to do these days.

  9. Take Duke out of the best conference in the nation and the SOS doesn’t sniff the top 10.

  10. Fans of the original post, like Los Brown, are showing their lack of a Duke education. Learn the difference between “they’re” and “their” before trying to tackle something with the complexity of college hoops greatness.

    Duke continually seeks out some of the best competition in the county for their non-conference game seach year. They are well-known for taking on the tough teams either on a neutral floor, or often on the opposing team’s court.

    As NASCAR driver Jeff Burton said in an interview, ““You can sleep well at night knowing I’m not a Carolina fan. My father raised me better than that.”

    –Duke Alum

  11. Obviously if you take Duke out of conference play it affects the SOS — beating yourself up both in and out of conference is stupid. You have no business writing a blog about anything. One of the drawbacks of the Internet I suppose.

  12. Here is Duke’s out of conference SOS for the past:
    2008 – 41
    2007 – 10
    2006 – 6
    2005 – 46
    2004 – 24
    Even at its weakest, Duke’s out of conference SOS is stronger than most other major conference schools.
    S. Evans needs to sniff again because he is obviously clueless, kind of like the No Clue, Know Nothing blogger. I am actually surprised that Evans has not figured out by the smell of things that his head is up his butt. I suppose he thinks his crap smells good. Regardless, he is still has an anus wrapped around his neck.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well, I’m a little late to this conversation, but it’s obvious from S. Evans’ non-response to the last post that he knows he’s an idiot now.

    Perhaps he’ll reply with the argument that the refs always cheat for Duke. That’s always a good one…

  14. No, still think they play a rather soft OOC schedule. I must say, they are playing great right now though. That make you feel better?

    And I love how “Duke followers” think anyone with an opinion outside of their opinion is an idiot.

    There are numerous “idiots” who responded to this post (mainly the one’s who see the world through their blue and white glasses), but I refrained from giving them the time of day.

    At any rate, thanks for visiting!

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