Lebron! The NBA is his

LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers megastar Lebron James has been the talk of the league, more than usual, over the past few weeks.

As we all know, James contract with the Cavaliers will expire in the summer of 2010 and there has been unending speculation as to what the youngster will do. Will he stay or will he go to New York?

Charles Barkley along with others seem to find it disrespectful and wrong for James to entertain thoughts of going to play for the New York Knicks while still playing for the Cavs, but I don’t see the problem.

I’m with Lebron on this one. Up to this point, all Lebron has generally said is that this is business and players must make decisions that are in their best interest just as the teams and owners do.

If Lebron had turned out to be a bust, then the Cleveland Cavaliers would be openly shopping him to other teams, but if a player does it then they’re criticized. Talk about bias.

Personally, I believe that Barkley is jealous; jealous because, despite all his antics, didn’t and couldn’t demand as much attention during his playing days as Lebron James does now.

Hush up Charles, let Lebron do his thing, besides the NBA is his anyway. Yeah he’s cocky and a little conceited, but who wouldn’t be if they could play like he can. He’s taking the mantle from Kobe and will be the NBA’s biggest star until he retires.

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