Is this Holyfield’s last stand?

Evander Holyfield vs Nikolai ValuevThe December 20th fight in Zurich against the 7’0 Russian WBA champ Nikolai Valuev, could very well be Evander Holyfield’s last.

Holyfield at age 46, is 0-3-1 in his last 4 bouts and has clearly lost his power and ring dominance with age.

Valuev, 49-1, weighs 310lbs., nearly 100 pounds more than Holyfield and is the biggest fighter to ever hold a major belt.

In recent years, Holyfield has struggled financially. He’s pays nearly 500K annually in child support(11 kids) , owes creditor close to $12million and is possibly facing foreclosure on his Georgia mansion. Most would say he’s fighting for the money, but his payday, at the most, will be $1million.

With a win, though unlikely, Holyfield will become the oldest fighter to win a championship fight. This would also be his fifth time winning a championship belt. Will he stun all the pundits and naysayers, or will he be another in a long line of great fighters that don’t know how to bow out gracefully.

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  1. Evander was robbed sat night.That Russian fighter has to be the slowest boxer i have ever seen.Evander was doing what he wanted to the guy and he is pat his prime.The heavyweight division in boxing is a joke.

  2. Yeah, its been a joke for about ten years now. The guys who hold belts now would not have even been contenders in the 90’s, its sad.

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