Has Mike D’Antoni Caught The "Marinelli"?

What’s the “Marinelli” you ask? It’s a sickness that forces a coach to look for any ounce of optimism that he can grab on to about his team. This in turn makes the coach sound like a bumbling idiot any time he does an interview. Rod Marinelli fell ill during his last days as the Lions’ head coach. Now, it seems that Mike D’Antoni also needs to be treated for this sickness.

When asked about the Knicks’ recent skid, D’Antonio began his cry for help. Here’s what he had to say:

We’re in a tough spot right now. And if I can’t get over it, then I don’t know how I can get my players over it. I think it’s all tied in together. The thing I fall back on, if the locker room’s good and they’re really trying, I can take whatever happens. And that’s the main thing. We’re trying to do the right thing, and good things will happen.

That certainly doesn’t sound like a man that is in touch with reality. Just as Marinelli was detached from reality in his last days. It’s amazing how everything under the sun is suddenly more important than winning. But I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been “Marinelli’d”. Now, I doubt D’Antonio will face the same fate as Marinelli, but by the end of this season, D’Antonio may be wishing to be canned.

The New York Times

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  1. The difference of course is the Rod Marinelli did not have a magic mustache like D’Antoni. A well groomed ‘stache would have been good for at least one win.

  2. The porn stache rules!

  3. I’m sure Marinelli is growing a magic stache of his own as we speak.

  4. After 0-16, I think its too late.

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