BCS rankings, what a joke

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Once again the BCS ranking system has failed again. This week the Texas Longhorns were jumped in the rankings by the Oklahoma Sooners, a team they beat 45-35 earlier this season.

The Sooners were crowned the Big 12 South champs by the erratic BCS computer which broke a 3-way tie among Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech.

Each of the division leaders finished 7-1 in the conference and has a lost from one of the other divisional leaders. Oklahoma has won its last six games capping off the regular season by beating in state rival Oklahoma State 61-41 on Saturday night.

The Sooners will face the Missouri Tigers in the Big 12 championship game and with a win will play in the BCS title game in January. If Oklahoma loses, then Texas will take their place in the title game, BCS brilliance at its best.

Also lets not forget about the 4 teams from non-BCS conferences that ended the seasons in the top 12: #6 Utah, #9 Boise State, #11 TCU and #12 Ball State. But of course, BCS rules only guarantees one non-BCS team a place in a BCS bowl, talk about unfair.

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