The BCS National Championship Game May Lack Scalpers….Yeah It Sucks

With the BCS National Championship Game right around the corner, (well not exactly around the corner, maybe a couple of corners) scalpers around the nation are getting ready to descend on Miami, Florida for their “training camp” for the upcoming Super Bowl. But it’s starting to look like the BCS game will be minus the “pregame” outside the stadium. According to the Palm Beach Post, the ticket prices for the match up between the Florida Gators and the Oklahoma Sooners have steadily declined since the game was announced.
When the match up was announced on December 7th, ticket brokers were selling upper-deck seats for $650. Now, the face value for most seats is between $200 and $250. Todd Rubin of Todd’s Tickets in Boca Raton, FL speaks about the root of the problem in this excerpt:

On one hand the people selling tickets want a ton of money for their tickets, and on the other hand people who are buying don’t want to spend anything. The market’s been consistently dropping since the teams have been announced, and it doesn’t make any sense. The only thing I can make of it is the economy. Everyone thought once the Gators got in, it would be a big ticket. It’s a very rare situation, and it’s just all the people selling tickets think their tickets are worth gold, but they’re really not.

So now, the kings of parking lot have two choices, sell low or actually go in and watch the game. And since I’m sure there’s a rule in the Scalping Handbook that says, you can never, ever, ever attend a game, I expect them to take their first offer and head home. (Or to the nearest bar or any other types of entertainment that Miami is known for)

It’s bad enough we’re dealing with foreclosures, job losses, and a credit crunch. Now, we can’t even go to the biggest college football game of the year and watch a dude dressed in a hooded sweatshirt waving 10 tickets in one hand and a wad of cash in the other, while we tailgate. This is America and that is tradition! We need this economy fixed pronto, the Super Bowl is soon!

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