Antoine Walker’s: stat line of the week # 7

With 7 weeks in the bag, the NBA season is going according to plan. The good teams are really good and the bad teams are awful.

Also, I can’t remember the last time I saw 6 head coaches get axed before Christmas. You may say that some were fired prematurely, but most would have been let go within a year anyway.

The one constant in the NBA, is bad shooting, or games where good players shoot horribly. Many have fallen into this category this year, but Derrick Rose, the reigning #1 draft pick, is my pick for Antoine Walker’s “Can’t get no Lower Award” this week.

The Chicago Bulls rookie shot 3-16, had 5 rebs, 7asts and 3TO in the team’s 110-101 Tuesday night lost to the Charlotte Bobcats; he finished the game with only 3pts.

I won’t be hard on Rose because he’s a rookie, but when he’s having a bad night shooting from the field, he’s going to have to learn how to get to the free-throw line. Rose didn’t shoot any free throws in the lost.

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  1. Yea you shouldn’t be so harsh on him.All NBA players have bad nights,but i have been impressed with Rose.He Has to get some better players around him.

  2. He has been pretty good, but as the heart of the team he has to bring it every night. Live up to the hype or stay home.

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